Pühajärve Haridusselts
  About the Project
  1. Europe`s future depends on the extent to which its citizens can face the economic and social challenges. A European area of lifelong learning will empower citizens to move freely between learning settings, jobs, regions and countries in pursuit of learning. Hence lifelong learning focuses on learning from pre-school to education until after retirement – “from the cradle to grave”.
  2. Motivate and offer knowledge to people over 50 to improve upon their health and life quality through learning, physical activities and healthy nutrition.
  3. Widen older people way of thinking by professional training. Teach them to look after themselves to be social active in longevity.
  4. Evolvement of people over 50 to participate in learning languages, visiting other countries and getting to know different culture and traditions.
  5. To make friends of the same age citizens in Europe.
  6. To exchange information and experience in the field of health care and essential subjects of people in the old age in different countries.
  7. To raise reputation of local folk schools and study circles through international projects.

The aim of the European Heart Health Charter is to substantially reduce the burden of cardiovascular disease in the European Union to reduce inequities and inequalities in diseases burden within and between countries.

The scientists of Cambridge University have examined more than 20 000 citizens at the age between 45 – 79 in the years 1993 - 2006.

As the result of their research they declared that the disease No1 were cardiovascular problems. Only 4 little changes can make people live longer :
  • non smoking
  • physical activity
  • no bad food
  • no stress

We support and enlarge European lifelong learning extent in collaboration with adult schooling teachers in Europe. We promote cultural and educational dialogue between different countries.

  Kontakt: Solveig Raave +372 55 987 416  
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